What is a Mosquito Coil?

A mosquito coil is a spiral shaped material that contains an insecticide, which is capable of repelling and knocking down mosquitoes.

The coil is made up of 99.9% inert material and 0.1% active ingredient. The active ingredient is a fast acting insecticide which when heated, vaporizes in the air.
The inert material ensures that the coil burns slowly
and continuously for at least 8 hours.

  How to use a Mosquito Coil?

First, the mosquito coil must be lighted on its outer tip. It usually takes at least 5 seconds before the tip catches fire. The flame is then extinguished. The ignited coil now starts emitting a white smoke and starts vaporizing the insecticide in the air.

What does a mosquito coil do?

The insecticide that is released in the air by a lighted coil is effective in
  • Driving away mosquitoes currently in the area
  • Stopping mosquitoes from entering the area
If there is a high concentration of the insecticide in an area, It can also knock down the mosquitoes.

Is the mosquito coil harmful to humans?

No, the active ingredient used by our mosquito coil is only harmful to cold-blooded insects and not to humans.