Cardboard Outerbox (COB) Skillets


    We manufacture quality COB match skillets for other match manufacturers in Asia. Our Chambon printing machine has the capability to print 4 color print designs or photos on the skillet. The striking surface on the skillet can either be honey-combed (dotted) or solid-type (as shown in the photo)

The product is packed in seaworthy corrugated cartons wrapped in plastic for protection.


Skillet size:
    5H - 103.8 mm x 53 mm x 0.40 mm
    5E - 113.4 mm x 53 mm x 0.40 mm


Corrugated tray: 8,500 skillets
    5H - 9,000 skillets
    5E - 8,000 skillets

Carton: Approx.
    5E - 32,000 skillets
    5H - 36,000 skillets
    Each carton consist of 4 individual corrugated trays

    Shipping Info

20 ft. Container Van:
    5E - 7,040,000 skillets
    5H - 7,920,000 skillets