Using Experience as Foundation for Product Excellence
        PHIMCO Industries, Inc. is an innovative match manufacturing and selling organization. It is probably the only match company in the world certified to the ISO 9001:2000. This assures current and future customers worldwide of the consistent quality of its products. It started doing business in the Philippines in 1927. Its main office and manufacturing plant is located in Punta, Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippines.

      All Phimco products are distributed nationwide. Sales of its products are handled by a salesforce composed of 4 area managers and 20 salesmen and by key distributors. Phimco also sell its products to foreign markets and via the internet as the company aims for market expansion.


      Phimco manufactures several well- known match brands in different sizes of match boxes and exports waterproof matches. The latest addition to its product line are the water-resistant military safety matches and a new mosquito coil brand. These new products are being pushed in the export market. Phimco is also the main distributor of Cricket lighters in the Philippines. The company carries an array of Cricket lighter models intended for the new generation of lighter users.

Phimco also caters to the advertising needs of various corporations in the country by specialty advertising in the premium giveaway through its subsidiary, Ott-Louie Philippines.


      Customer concerns are taken up in Phimco's Product Development Team, which is composed of Marketing, Production, Quality Assurance and Logistics associates. The team is working towards continuous product improvement and technology.

      Phimco is ready to respond to the emerging individual requirements of its retail outlets

      Statistical controls are utilized daily to maintain process capability. Every Phimco associate is empowered to address any deviations at the work place. Phimco's management team, educated at diverse educational institutions such as Europe's INSEAD, the Asian Institute of Management and leading universities/technical schools, continually hones the capability of the organization to deliver value to its customers.