Cricket or "briquet", which means lighter in France, is a global disposable lighter brand used by millions of people. It was launched as the first disposable lighter in the market in 1961.

        Cricket is the only lighter brand which is able to combine quality and fashion.

        Cricket lighters had been synonymous to safety, durability and reliability as certified by ISO 9002 for worldwide manufacturing excellence. It is the only disposable lighter with a fixed flame height of maximum 50 mm which is ideal for lighting cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Unlike plastic body lighters, Cricket utilizes a virgin nylon material for its lighter body that self extinguishes when exposed to flame. Cricket lighters provide the most number of lights compared to other brands and it guarantees a light in just a single click.        

        Cricket is available in five models: Cricket Maxi, Cricket Original, Cricket Electronic, Cricket Pocket and Cricket Mini. Each model is manufactured with distinct specifications to suit the different preferences of each consumer segment.

        Cricket lighters are intended for the new generation of lighter users. It comes in a unique assortment of designs ranging from dynamic to subtle expressions of unlimited fashion. Cricket is for people who express a strong sense of individuality and uniqueness because for every Cricket Lighter...

Every one's a character.